Person found dead in burning car was shot

An autopsy revealed Monday that the charred remains of a person found in the back seat of a burning vehicle in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, had previously been shot with a firearm.

The remains of said person were found burned inside the burned vehicle, shortly before midnight on Tuesday of last week.

It was possibly an SUV-type truck that the patrol arrived off of a winding stretch between Brock Bridge Road and Tribeca Trail, in the Laurel area, north of Route 198 and near the border of the county of Howard, police reported in a statement.

The car was engulfed in flames, which were put out by a crew from the county fire department.

After the fire was extinguished, charred human remains were located in the rear seat area. The remains were transported to the Baltimore Medical Examiner’s Office, where it was later learned that the victim had been shot.

From the beginning, due to other evidence collected, the Anne Arundel police homicide detectives investigated the case as “a suspicious death” and asked for the help of the community to find out some other clues that would lead to elucidating the facts.

Due to the state in which the remains were found, it was not possible to determine the age, sex and race that identify this person.

The autopsy only determined that the victim was shot, so the case was investigated as a homicide.

“We don’t know anything about the victim. We don’t know the age; we don’t know the race; we don’t know the sex of her,” Lt. Jackie Davis, a department spokeswoman, reiterated Wednesday. “The remains were charred beyond recognition,” she added.

Until the closing of this edition there was no update on the identity of the victim.

The burning vehicle was unrecognizable. Only twisted iron remained, including the door frames. Davis said he was found about 100 yards from the road, near a dense line of trees.

Davis also said detectives hope anyone who was in the area that night will contact them with any information.

“Anybody who maybe saw something, was on that road, maybe saw someone drive away, that kind of thing, that they didn’t think anything at the time because it’s not suspicious just seeing people outside,” Davis explained.

You can do this by calling 410-222-4700 or reporting it online.