PepsiCo registers fewer profits between January and September 2023

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PepsiCola multinational food and beverage company, registered a profit of 7,772 million dollars during the first nine months of the year, which means 7.3 percent less than the same period last year.

The food and beverage company's accumulated sales between January and September amounted to 63 thousand 621 million dollars, 8.9 percent more year-on-year, the company reported.

For its part, during its third quarter of the year, the most followed by Wall Street analysts, PepsiCo earned 3.92 million of dollars, equal to 14 percent, and also increased its turnover by 6.7 percent, up to 23,453 million.

The top executive of the multinational, the Spanish Ramon Laguarta, expressed his satisfaction with the results obtained; Likewise, he assured that the overall situation of the business remains "solid" and indicated that organic income will increase 10 percent.

By business areas, in the last quarter the sale of soft drinks in United States and Canada continues to have the highest sales with a record of 7 thousand 161 million, followed by the food business in this region, known as Frito-Lay North Americawhich obtained revenues of 5,954 million.

After the data was released, which exceeded the expectations of analysts according to specialized media, the shares of PepsiCo increased 0.89 percent in electronic activities prior to the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.


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