Pepe Aguilar reveals what all the tattoos he has on his body mean: “I’m very proud”


Pepe Aguilar continues to shine as one of the most important exponents of the Mexican regional today, backed by an extensive career that has led him to be worthy of the affection, admiration and respect of his public. However, in recent years he has also stood out on social networks because he shares details of his family and personal life on them.

The interpreter of “Prometiste” turned to his YouTube Vlog to talk about the tattoos he has on his bodywhich have provoked the curiosity of millions of fans, which is why he decided to make a video in which he explains What do all the designs that he has embodied on his body mean, for which he has been called the “tattooed charro”.

“We see charro suits, we don’t know tattooed bodies”

Pepe Aguilar

The youngest son of Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar confessed that under the charro suit there is another of his passions: tattoos. And so he demonstrated it by explaining what each of them means, starting with a image of the Virgin of Guadalupe that covers part of her left arm. Although he stressed that he is not religious, he chose it because it is a very important symbol for all Mexicans and it was carried out in the same session of approximately 8 hours.

The first tattoo I had was a Virgin of Guadalupe on my left arm, from the elbow to the shoulder, the whole arm. She is a virgin that I tattooed almost 20 years ago already“, said.

Below the image is the names of his four children “in order of appearance”, Emilian, aneliz, Leonard Y Angela.

He immediately talked about one of the designs that he likes the most and that was made in memory of his father, the great Anthony Aguilar.

“The second tattoo I got was for my father, On the inside of my arm I have my father on horseback. I always wanted to tattoo a horse and my father, so it was the perfect combination.”

In addition to sharing a little history of this artistic expression, Pepe Aguilar revealed that what he tries to communicate is the love for the land and the traditions of Mexico.

My third tattoo was a skull in the traditional American style. This is a style that I really like with very thick lines, solid colors and that it’s still very popular“, Add.

The fourth “scratch” on his skin belongs to one of the cultures that arouses the most interest, which is the Japanese, since it is a huge dragon that begins on his forearm and ends in the pectoral made, created in thick lines and solid colors .

“My fourth tattoo is something totally different, to what I had until now. I went to the other side of the world, well I didn’t go, but It is of the traditional Japanese style, which is perhaps the one I like the most. Dragons have always caught my attention, Quetzalcoatl is a dragon. My fourth tattoo is a dragon”, she details.

“It is a tattoo that cost me about 25 hours, in three sessions and that hurt like you have no idea, but I am very proud of my dragon. I love watching him”.

Pepe Aguilar

His fifth tattoo was made in the black and gray style (black and gray), which poses on his left arm and is about Quetzalcoatl.

A few days ago he was surprised to share a photograph of the most recent tattoo on one of his legs, which is about two fish that cover the calf and that sparked comments of all kinds, from messages of admiration and congratulations, to those who made fun of him assuring that he is no longer of an age to show them off.

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