Pentagon spokesman calls Putin “depraved” in a fit of emotion and rage


“It’s hard to look at what Putin is doing in the Ukraine…what his forces are doing and think that someone with ethics and morals can justify that. It’s hard to look at…

The Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, had to stop his speech this Friday and swallow hard so as not to finish collapsing when he answered a question about the human and moral category of the number one person responsible for the barbarities that we see daily in Ukraine.

The question he was answering alluded to the Russian leader’s rationality or sanity: “Do you think Vladimir Putin is a rational actor?” the journalist asked.

From the outset, Kirby replied with the phrase that he and other spokesmen for the Joe Biden Administration often use on this or other similar questions: “I’m not a psychologist,” he said. And he added that he barely has a history degree from the University of South Florida.

It’s hard to look at some of those images and imagine that any thoughtful, mature, serious leader could do that.”

John KirbyPentagon spokesman

But immediately, when commenting on the images of the atrocities in the country invaded by Russia; Surely by mentally visualizing them, Kirby began to lose his poise.

After a few seconds of restraint in which he was clearly holding back tears, or an outburst of rage, he continued: “It’s hard to look at some of those images and believe that any thoughtful, mature and serious leader could do something like that. So I can’t talk about Putin’s psychology, but I think we can all talk about his depravity.”

It is, he added, “brutality in the coldest and most depraved of its forms.” And he considered that the justifying speech of the Russian leader around the alleged defense of Russia’s interests or the alleged “Nazi” tendency of the Government of Volodímir Zelenski is totally incompatible with the acts of his army in that country.

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It’s hard to square Putin’s rhetoric with what he’s doing to so many innocents: shots in the back of the head, shots with hands tied behind their backs, pregnant women murdered, hospitals bombed…”

John Kirby

“It is difficult to square Putin’s rhetoric with what he is doing to so many innocent people inside Ukraine: shots in the back of the head, shot with hands tied behind their backs, pregnant women killed, hospitals bombed… It is simply inconceivable. It is beyond from me,” he said.

Kirby apologized to the media for being “so emotional and personal.” “This is not about me,” she stressed. Her intervention, however, became one of the news of the day.

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