Pence seeks to distance himself from Trump; Castillo adds fourth tax investigation and more | Front Pages of the World 07/22/2022


This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Friday, July 22.

Witnesses Detail Trump’s Refusal To Detain Jan. 6 Crowd

Discordant testimony on hours of inaction and ‘pouring gasoline on the fire’

Trump ignored many pleas to act

Pence, considering 2024, seeks to distance himself from Trump

The European Central Bank settles zero rates with the highest rise in 22 years

Christine Lagarde wants inflation to drop to 2% in the medium term

Guardian / UK

Sunak goes on the attack on taxes as Truss takes the lead in the polls

Those that press the most for a devaluation, which would hit the pockets of all Argentines, are precisely the economic sectors that have gained the most in recent years.

Castillo adds his fourth ongoing tax investigation

Mininter case: Decision of the nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides

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