Pelosi assured that Washington “will not allow” China to isolate Taiwan


Nancy Pelosi addressed various issues in Tokyo and spoke with the country’s media.

Photo: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

During her closing tour of Asia, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, expressed that Washington “will not allow” China to isolate Taiwan, after his visit to the island will cause great controversy with Beijing.

The legislator made the remarks during her stay in Tokyo, the last leg of her trip through Asia. Nancy Pelosi responded to the Chinese government, saying that Beijing will not be allowed to isolate or prevent US officials from visiting Taiwan.

They may try to prevent Taiwan from visiting or participating in other places, but they will not isolate Taiwan by preventing us from traveling there.” Pelosi told reporters in Tokyo.

He also added: “We had high-level visits, senators in the spring in a bipartisan manner, continuous visits, and we will not allow them to isolate Taiwan,” he stressed to the media.

After the visit of the speaker of the House of Representatives to Taiwan, being the highest-profile US official to visit the island in 25 years, the Asian giant began military exercises, of which President Tsai Ing-wen said she was monitoring .

Beijing considers Taiwan as part of its territory. and has promised to retake the autonomous island one day by force if necessary, so Pelosi’s visit was taken as something of a challenge.

The US official did not comment directly on the drills, but reiterated that her visits to Asian countries, including Taiwan, were “not about changing the status quo” in the region.

And he made it clear that “it is about all the laws and agreements that have established what our relationship is. Have peace across the Taiwan Strait and make the status quo prevail.”he pointed.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called China’s missile launches a “serious problem that affects our national security and the safety of our citizens.”

In addition, the government revealed that five Chinese missiles could have fallen in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

“China’s act seriously affects the peace and security of the region and the international community, therefore I have immediately called for the cessation of these maneuvers,” said the Japanese leader.

Pelosi and Kishida also exchanged views on the international situation, “as well as the achievement of a world without nuclear weapons,” said the Japanese president, and underlined their will to “continue to cooperate closely for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait”.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also traveled to Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea as part of her tour of Asia.

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