Pelé clears up doubts about his hospitalization

Brazilian soccer legend Pele said Thursday in a post by instagram who is in the hospital for a monthly visit and appreciated the messages of support he has received.

On Tuesday, Pelé was admitted to a Sao Paulo hospital to reassess your cancer treatment after having a colon tumor removed in September 2021.

This was what he said on his networks:

Friends, I’m in the hospital doing my monthly visit. It’s always nice to receive positive messages like this.

Thanks to Qatar for this tribute, and to everyone who sends me good vibes! 🙏🏾

He added this photo, with the tribute from Qatar:

Pelé, considered the best or one of the best soccer players, is a global ambassador for FIFA.

He is remembered for winning three world cups and his 1,283 goals scored.

Kely Nascimento, daughter of the legendary soccer player Edson Arantes do NascimentoHe confirmed that his father is hospitalized but “there are no surprises or emergencies.”

Pelé’s daughter’s message was through Instagram:

My father is hospitalized, he is regulating medication. There are no surprises or emergencies. We really appreciate all the care and love that you transmit.

My brothers are on their way to visit him. I will go on New Years. It is not a surprise or an emergency. We are very grateful for the affection and love that you transmit to us.