Pedro Pascal surprises on "Saturday Night Live" doing a sketch of the iconic Chilean humor program

Peter Pascal.

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During his successful debut in 'Saturday night Live', Peter Pascal He left pleasant moments worth remembering, one of them was when he spoke completely in Spanish to remember his origins, especially when his family had to escape from Pinochet; but that was not all, because shortly after starred in a funny sketch in which he remembered the patient from the iconic Chilean humor program 'Jappening con Ja' which achieved great popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

It was the night of February 4 on the NBC show where Pedro Pascal paid tribute to a great Chilean humorist, Jorge Pedreros, whom he remembered reliving the famous sketch of the "operated", a man who wakes up after passing a long stint in a coma.

For his interpretation, the protagonist of the series "The Last Of Us" appeared lying on a stretcher wearing a hospital gown accompanied by "medical personnel" who collaborated to recreate the emblematic scene, which in its original sequence ends when the comedian he falls out of bed because of his own visitors.

As part of his first appearance on the show, the actor born in Santiago de Chile, but with American nationality, also displayed his good sense of humor during the opening monologue, in which he joked that he is just getting used to People will recognize him from his role in "The Mandalorian" because some people have no idea who he is because his character wears a helmet all the time.

Finally, once again he was completely proud of the country where he was born, for which he dismissed the show wearing a shirt with a clenched fist formed in the colors of the Chilean flag.

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