Pedro Nava, lawyer of Uriel Carmona

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On the morning of Friday, September 22, the prosecutor of the state of Morelos, Uriel Carmona Gándara, was released after completing the order of a Collegiate Court that ordered his immediate release. “This should have happened yesterday, but, thanks to the efforts of the Fifth District Judge of Cuernavaca, it was finally possible for the prosecutor to be released,” confirmed the lawyer of Uriel Carmona, Pedro Nava, who celebrated that, after the fourth protection promoted, freedom was granted to his client.

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“We pointed it out from the beginning,” the lawyer continued, “there was no doubt that the Prosecutor had jurisdiction and that he could not be prosecuted without the authorization of Congress.” For this reason, he also highlighted that both “three Collegiate Courts from different parts of the country” and “the Supreme Court in the thick of the Constitutional Controversy” agreed with them regarding the legal exemption of Uriel Carmona, due to his position as Prosecutor. from Morelos.

This same morning, at the conference at the National Palace, President López Obrador hinted that the members of the Judicial Branch of the Federation protected prosecutor Carmona Gándara, and that is why they had resolved, on four occasions, to release him. “We, from the beginning, perceived an unusual attitude from the authorities,” claimed lawyer Pedro Nava, who assured that “the judges, magistrates and ministers, what I think, or whoever thinks, does not care, because They are there to safeguard the Constitution”, and as part of this work, “they could have told us that we were not right after the constitutional analysis they carried out.”

For the lawyer, it was always clear that the process had to be approached from the constitutional figure of jurisdiction, because Carmona Gándara was never removed from his position, nor did the local Congress of the state of Morelos authorize a process of immunity. Likewise, he pointed out that the Government's rhetoric, which assured that the prosecutor had “federal jurisdiction,” which did not apply to crimes of a local nature, was “an invention they made in Mexico City.” “It was absurd,” the lawyer described, “for them to claim that their local jurisdiction or federal jurisdiction, etc.” “That does not exist,” he concluded, “neither doctrinally nor constitutionally.

He stated that this differentiation was a “play on words,” since “only the state Congress can withdraw the jurisdiction,” he reiterated, and this only applies “for each accusation there is, it is not generic,” that is, for Every accusation against him should have been filed, in the local Congress, with an appeal for impeachment. Meanwhile, Uriel Carmona will be able to return to his office in the Morelos Prosecutor's Office, since, the lawyer stated, there is no legal impediment to this.

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