Pedro Castillo obstructs justice in Peru, accuses the recently dismissed Minister of the Interior


The recently dismissed Minister of the Interior of Peru, Mariano González, accused the country’s president, Pedro Castillo, of alleged obstruction of justiceand the Prosecutor’s Office called him to testify on this matter.

Gonzalez, who left office this Tuesday after just two weeks at the head of the Interior portfolioaccused this Wednesday the head of state of “obstructing Justice”, according to the Peruvian newspaper ‘The Republic‘.

In this sense, the former Minister of the Interior pointed out that his departure from the Executive is a decision through which Castillo seeks to avoid the arrest for alleged corruption of his nephew Fray Vásquez and former presidential secretary Bruno Pacheco.

Photo: @MininterPeru/ Mariano González

“Today I have no doubts about the commitment that Mr. Castillo has with corruption. I have no doubt that this abrupt departure has to do with obstructing the administration of justiceGonzalez pointed out.

“I believe that Mr. Castillo is obstructing justice because is impeding the work of intelligence agents specialists who are looking for fugitives”, added the former minister before the cameras of Pan American TV.

President Castillo swore in his seventh Interior Minister in a year on Tuesday, Willy Huerta Olivas, replacing González. (Europe Press)

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