Pdte. of Venezuela highlights the work of AN during 2021 | News


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted this Thursday the work carried out by the National Assembly (AN) during 2021, a period in which 38 laws were approved for the welfare of the population.


AN of Venezuela approves legislative agenda for the period 2022

During a meeting with the legislative commission that notified the installation of the new 2022-2023 period, the head of state stressed that the work of the AN has become the “institutional, political and legislative epicenter of the country.”

“The National Assembly that does work, and that has broken records of legislation, public consultation, and laws; it opened the doors to the people of Venezuela ”, remarked the president.

In addition, he emphasized that the current AN has overcome the “drought of five years ago”, referring to the previous Parliament; and stressed that more than 60 agreements of national interest and priority were approved during 2021.

“We come from five years of a dramatic and tragic drought of the pro-imperialist and Guaidosista National Assembly (referring to the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaidó),” said President Maduro, recalling that they had approved a law in five years of management.

“They did not care about the fundamental issues and the needs of the people,” said the Executive, adding that the interest of said representatives was to request coercive measures, request intervention and invasion of Venezuela.

Legislative boost

Regarding the laws approved by the National Assembly, the president urged the legislative authorities to disseminate more widely, establish the deployment plan and execution of each one.

“Each law must be accompanied by an action plan,” said the president, adding that it was important to review “how the rights contained in that law become a living letter.”

“For there to be prompt justice and for the people to feel protected by the laws and institutions, and for the judiciary to act on time,” said work protocol must be established, stressed the head of state.

On the other hand, he recalled that the essence of the Bolivarian Revolution is criticism, self-criticism, going out to discover where there is a problem and “looking for solutions that allow us to build a satisfactory life.”

He also urged the AN to review the regulations on special economic zones and to set itself the goal of legislating all the proposals presented to open a new era of economic prosperity in the South American country.

The Executive specified that 2022 should be a year of consolidation of economic growth, security and peace in the country.

Likewise, he asserted that the principles of constitutionality and democracy, “gave way to the political participation of all actors, for this reason today the opposition has space in Governments and Mayors.”

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