Pdte. of Argentina rejects IMF intention to impose adjustment program | News

Argentine President Alberto Fernández denounced on Monday that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) intends to impose an economic adjustment program on the country, which his government will not accept.


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In an interview with the local radio station AM 750, Fernández commented that his government remains firm in the search for “an agreement with the IMF that suits Argentina” and clarified that, for now, he rules out that the country will fall into default in the payment of the debt.

The president, however, denounced that the international financial organization is trying to impose a program with more adjustments, in which he does not agree, since the goal of his administration is to achieve economic growth.

“What the Monetary Fund is trying to do, once again, is to impose a program on us and we do not agree there,” and stressed that the agency has a “share of responsibility for what happened.”

“It seems to me that, beyond the responsibility that each one has, the government and the authorities of the fund at that time, having delivered an unspeakable loan in technical terms, a pandemic ensues: you cannot ask a country like Argentina more demanding than a country can give ”, he asserted.

The IMF made a loan of $ 57,000,000,000 to the Government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), the highest given to the South American nation and the largest in the history of the entity.

Fernández also stressed that “no one in the world seriously thinks that Argentina can pay, between principal and interest, 19 billion dollars this year.”

He pointed out that the discussion focuses on how the economic program should be.

“If it is like the one we propose, with growth to face payments, or is it, again, to return to the eternal recipe of the Fund, which is more adjustment, shrinking the economy, importing less,” he said.

“In 2018,” he said, “Argentina did not owe a penny to the Monetary Fund. Even if it weighs them down, these were the decisions that they (the current opposition) made, which will cost Argentina the effort of generations, the best thing is to work together to find a solution for Argentina ”.