Pdta. of Honduras declares a state of emergency in Colón due to violence | News


The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, declared this Sunday a state of emergency in the department of Colón (to the north) starting at 9:00 p.m. local time (03:00 GMT on Monday) after violent incidents against authorities, which left a balance of three dead policemen.


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“I instruct them to restrict circulation and borders of Colón, establishing checkpoints throughout the country until they capture ruthless criminals. Our solidarity with family members and the Police”, indicated the president.

The police officers who fell in the line of duty were identified as Police Class I, Jairo Marcelino Posadas Ortiz (37 years old), as well as agents Jonathan Josué Ramos (27) and Juan Carlos Murillo Olivera (37).

The Honduran National Police reported in a press release that operations are being carried out with agents from special and investigative units of the National Police in search of the individuals who murdered three law enforcement officers.

Preliminary reports of the incident show that the incident took place this Sunday afternoon in the village of Agua María, municipality of Trujillo, department of Colón, while the agents were on patrol in the area, they observed a red pick-up vehicle that they found on the side of the street with their flat tires.

“Immediately the police decided to investigate what was happening on the site, however, unknown individuals fired at the agents, killing a total of three National Police officers on the spot,” he said in the note.

The authorities ordered to track, identify, locate and capture the suspects of the criminal attack. “I have ordered an entire operation in the entire area and we will not rest until we find the whereabouts of those who cowardly killed our police officers,” said the Director General of the National Police, Commissioner Gustavo Sánchez Velásquez.

“The National Police of Honduras strongly condemns this fact, operations are carried out to capture the perpetrators, we recognize that this is a response of organized crime against the institutions of the state for actions against crime,” the note continued. of press.

For its part, the Secretary of State in the Security Office announced the operations to capture and his conviction of the criminal action before the event.

“We express to all the Honduran people that we will be energetic in the fight against crime and we will not tolerate this type of action that endangers the stability of citizen security,” the statement said.

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