Paulina Vega and her 'Prophecy' to Miss Colombia in Beauty [node:title]

Paulina Vega and her 'Prophecy' to Miss Colombia in Beauty
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A "prophecy" made with laughter by Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014, comes to life every time a Miss Colombia approaches the crown but fails to obtain it. "No one else is going to win, seriously," Vega said, words that have become tinged with superstition with each contest.

However, this year, at the 72nd edition of Miss Universe in San Salvador, the story was told with nuances of triumph and social change. Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua took the crown, in an event that she highlighted for its inclusion, celebrating diversity with the participation of married, plus-size and transgender contestants.

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Among the finalists was María Camila Avella from Colombia, who not only achieved a historic Top 5 but also set a precedent by being the first mother to reach this position.

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Her commitment to the prevention of child abuse and child pregnancy gave her a prominent place, reviving Vega's words in a new light: that of hope and the possibility that prophecies are about to be broken.

The presence of Avella in the Top 5, along with the Thai Anntonia Porsild as first runner-up, and the coronation of Palacios, symbolize an era of evolution and breaking of molds in Miss Universe, demonstrating that beyond jokes and folklore, the The competitive spirit and excellence of Colombian women continue to shine in the international arena.

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However, the shadow of a joke has spread like a prophecy of beauty pageants in Colombia. Paulina Vega's statement has been remembered and revived with each new edition of Miss Universe, especially when a Colombian representative approaches the crown but fails to win it.

These words have taken on a mythical dimension among followers of beauty pageants, who have interpreted them as a kind of bad omen for future representatives of Colombia. Every time a Miss Colombia does not reach the title, social networks are flooded with comments about Vega's "prophecy."

Vega, with her charisma and historical achievement, left an indelible mark on the most recognized beauty pageant in the world. In the context of a casual conversation, and with the spontaneity that characterizes it, Vega did not know that her words would be taken so seriously by some of her compatriots. In the interview, the journalist introduced Vega as the most recent Miss Universe of Colombia, to which she, with a smile, responded by interrupting: “Hey, and the only one, I'll tell you. I mean, no one else is going to win, seriously.”

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The "prophecy" is nothing more than an anecdote in the rich history of Miss Universe, but it reflects how the words of public figures can resonate and acquire unexpected meanings in the collective imagination. Instead of being seen as a curse, these statements can be better interpreted as a reminder of the pride and high expectations that Colombia has for its contestants.

The effect of Vega's words on the mentality of the future Miss Colombia and their followers is uncertain. While some may see it as a joke that unfortunately became a cultural meme, others may feel that it adds unnecessary pressure to the contestants.

Despite superstitions and chatter on social networks, Colombian representatives continue to demonstrate their strength, talent and beauty on the international stage. His preparation and determination remain unchanged, regardless of the urban legends or "prophecies" that come his way.

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Paulina Vega's comment, although made in a humorous tone, has been interpreted in many ways, but the reality is that the Miss Universe competition is unpredictable and victories are based on individual performance, charisma and preparation of the contestants. contestants. The "prophecy" has served to weave an interesting narrative around Colombian candidates and has enriched the country's oral tradition around beauty pageants.

Vega's words may have created a memorable moment, but they do not define the future of Miss Colombia. The true measure of success in Miss Universe, and in any challenge, remains the ability of each individual to exceed expectations and achieve their dreams, regardless of predictions or past comments. We are not in a García Márquez novel, but in real life.

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