Paul McCartney shared with Excelsior an excerpt from his book The Lyrics

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Just hours before Paul McCartney leaves for his first date at Foro Sol with his Got Back tour, the British legend shared with Excelsior an excerpt taken from his new book, The Lyrics, in which he dedicates a portion to talking about his experience at side of 400 thousand Mexican fans accompanying his performance of Every Night in an iconic 2012 show at the Zócalo:

"Every Night is a song that always seems to take me back to a time and a place, so much so that I still want to play it. Can I explain? I have a memory of a time when I was actually on set, and there's one concert that really stands out." It was a free show before 400,000 people in a place called the Zócalo in Mexico City. Nowadays the public in the United States and Great Britain don't have lighters, which is good, I think. They don't smoke anymore, at least cigarettes, as much as before. If they want to send us a signal, they use their phones. Before they used lighters. And in Mexico it's still like that. Those fans know how to have fun. There were 400 thousand people in the dark. When we sang Every Night, I realized that They lit the lighters. Every time I'm singing: "Oo, oo, oo..." with 400 thousand people lighting their lighters, you hear it. It's not just something visual, it's a rhythm. And I remember that I stopped, I thought it was great. They had a great rhythm. So I sang: "But tonight I just want to stay in / And be with you," and it stopped. And the flint could be heard as the flame appeared. So it would be fire in the beat, fire, fire and fire to the sound of 400,000 flints. "It was and always will be magical."

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So one of the best things that could happen at both Foros Sol would be for everyone to take out their lighters, if they have them, so that Sir Paul can relive one of the most memorable nights he has ever had in his life. Additionally, he is expected to perform Now and Then, The Beatles' final song, for the first time live. They already know how to convince him.

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