Patrick Mahomes leads the NFL awards and is crowned MVP | Winners

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The ceremony NFL Honorsheld Thursday night in Arizona prior to the Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, reward the best players in the league throughout the season, and below, we leave you with the winners of the 2022 edition.

patrick mahomesquarterback of the Kansas City Chiefswas crowned for the second time in his career as the NFL Most Valuable Player after leading his team to Super Bowl LVIII and finish the regular season with the best record in the american conference.

The star of the chiefs is the definition of consistency when it comes to leading a team. After win the award in 2018, Mahomes He is the only one of the five who has already prevailed in the fight and after a campaign of 5,250 yards and 41 touchdownsit's hard not to put it as a favourite.

He Offensive Player of the Year was disputed between Tyreek Hillcatcher for the Miami Dolphins, Jalen Hurtsquarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, patrick mahomes and the receiver Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings.

A historic campaign by Jefferson it was worth it to become the best receiver in the entire NFL in barely his third year as a professional, setting records thanks to his 1,809 passing yardswho at 24 years old already place him above Randy Moss with the greater amount of passing yards in a single season with the franchisein addition to adding his first award for Best Offensive Player of the season.

The prize for Defensive Player of the Year was delivered by the recently retired JJ Watt, who throughout his career won the award three times. The nominees were michael parsons of Dallas, chris jones of the Chiefs and Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49erswho with an extraordinary season, where he led the best defense in the league in almost all statistics, won the award for the first time in his short professional career with the Niners.

Garrett Wilsonrecipient of new york jets won the award for Offensive Rookie of the Yeartotaling 1,103 passing yards in his professional debut that was enough to beat the running back of the Seattle Seahawks Kenneth Walker III and the quarterback of San Francisco Brock Purdywho despite leading his team to the final of National Conferencesaw his debut late in the campaign.

The recognition to best defensive rookie It was also for a member of the jetsafter the cornerback Willow Gardner will win the award, after an impressive campaign where, with 20 defensive passing, led the entire NFLnot only among newbies. Aidan Hutchinson of the Detroit Lions and Tariq Woolen of the Seahawks were the other nominees.

brian dabollof the New York Giantswas named the Coach of the Year after turning around a New York team that had not qualified for the postseason since 2016 and that just a year ago seemed destined for the bottom of the table in a long reconstruction process.

Daboll won the race Nick Sirianni of the Eagles, kyle shanahan of the Niners, Sean McDermott of the Bills and Doug Peterson of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He Comeback of the Year It is an award that is given to the player who has made the greatest leap between seasons and in 2022 there was no more worthy winner than the quarterback geno smithwho after not being a starter since 2014, led the seahawks to the postseason in a campaign where, after the departure of Russell Wilsonmore than a couple of victories were not expected.

He walter payton award the man of the year recognizes a player who has highlighted throughout the year for his actions in favor of society inside and outside the gridiron, and in addition to recognition, the winner receives $250,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

This season's recipient was dak prescott of the Cowboyswho with his project Faith Fight Finish (FFF), which focuses on 4 main initiatives: the colon cancer researchthe mental healththe suicide prevention and reduce the social gap that exists between communities.

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