Patricia Mercado clarifies the substance of her proposal

Patricia Mercado clarifies the substance of her proposal
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Senator Patricia Mercado clarified several points about the proposal for a base salary for women's professional sports in an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río, in the First Broadcast of Informative Image. He explained that the spirit of this bill is to guarantee the labor rights of athletes.

Upwards there are no limits, downwards there are limits. There is a floor where all the professional sports people leave,” Mercado commented. “It may even be the general minimum wage,” since many athletes report income of up to 3,700 pesos, a little more than half of the minimum established by law.

According to Mercado, from the Citizen Movement parliamentary group, what happened was that “the process of an article that already existed on the issue of professional athletes and salary categories was unleashed,” to which it was added “that there will be a base salary and this may count on all additional contributions, depending on experience, time, functions, categories."

In the explanatory statement for this reform, the salary inequality that exists between the men's and women's leagues of Mexican soccer was taken as a reference, which sparked great controversy in the world of sports.

He explained that the Senate of the Republic began discussing these proposals eight months ago, based on nine previous initiatives. And, despite the commotion that occurred after the news was announced, in reality there is still a lot to do.

The commissions were barely there, then he comes to see when they put it on the agenda, then he goes to the Chamber of Deputies and experiences the same process. And then it goes to the Executive and the Executive also has its time”, and after this entire process, it will be discussed what this base will be, from which the minimum salary for sports professionals will be calculated.

It seems to me that we are taking a first step to remedy these inequalities below and, then, many things are needed that are already the product of other discussions and other elements,” Mercado indicated.

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