Patricia Lobeira Rodríguez celebrates World Tourism Day

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The Mayor Patricia Lobeira Rodríguez assured that the tourism lies as one of the most important sectors that contribute the most to the Veracruz economy, Hence, its administration works on improvements for its development and to face the challenges that the new tourist dynamics demand.

Within the framework of World Tourism Day, celebrated every September 27 since 1979 when it was proclaimed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), The municipal president pointed out that the Veracruz City Council prepared a series of activities in honor of said economic sector, on which hundreds of Jarocha families depend.

In this regard, the Buenos Aires mayor commented that, at the city's Clavijero Theater, the forum “Challenges of tourism today”, in which the youtubers Alex Tienda and Alfredo Villegas were special guests, who shared their experiences as tourists around the world.

Activities for World Truism Day in Veracruz

In accordance with Patricia Lobeira, These types of exercises are of great value because you can learn from travelers what they expect and look for in a tourist destination, which allows the Port of Veracruz to take note to improve the experiences it offers to its visitors.

Likewise, as another of the activities for World Tourism Day, the Employment Fair in the Zamora corridor, of which the Buenos Aires mayor specified that it was organized by the municipality and the service providers in the sector, to offer just over 200 job positions in various companies.

At the same time, the municipal president of Veracruz announced that on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, an event called “The Port Bar”, where all products derived from coffee will be displayed.

Finally, Patricia Lobeira commented that the tourism sector has taken root among the Jarochos to such a degree that it has consolidated itself as one of the main sources of workwhether in the field of service provision, in hotels and restaurants, or in commerce and crafts, among others.


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