Patricia Guasp resigns from all her positions in Ciudadanos and leaves politics

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04/03/2023 The national CS spokesperson, Patricia Guasp, appears at a press conference after the training Standing Committee meeting, at the CS national headquarters, on April 3, 2023, in Madrid (Spain). During her appearance, Patricia Guasp has made statements regarding the candidacy of Yolanda Díaz, insisting that the Sumar Electoral Platform should not be called "Sumar", but "Subtract" because in her opinion what it does is "subtract rights and freedoms" from the Spanish people. The national spokesperson for Ciudadanos has also advocated guaranteeing free assisted reproduction and a national pact for the freezing of ovules. POLITICS Jesús Hellín - Europa Press

The national spokesperson for Citizens (CS) and regional coordinator in the Balearic Islands, Patricia Guasp, has decided to resign from all her organic positions. According to the statutes, with the departure of Guasp from the national leadership of CS, the party should proceed with the call for primaries. In addition, after the decision of the liberal to resign from all her organic positions in CS, it is expected that the autonomous committee in the Balearic Islands be replaced by a Management Board. Guasp has made his decision official this Sunday noon, through a letter posted on Twitter, addressed to CS affiliates and voters in which he shares his decision to resume his profession in the private sector.

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In this writing, he recalled how he "always" believed that "another way of doing politics is possible." "Without dogmatism, sectarianism, or reductionism, but always with courage, with the truth ahead, with tolerance and, of course, with firm liberal ideals and convictions," he added and valued his defense of the center space during four years as a deputy and spokesperson in the Balearic Parliament and this 2023 as Political Spokesperson for CS.

"I have always understood politics as a service, as a vocation and a response to the 'call' of wanting to change everything that does not work", he stressed. For this reason, "with the consistency, honesty and commitment that", he stated, "have always guided me in my political, professional and personal life, I want to share with you the decision to resume my profession in the private sector from this September 1, at which time I will have to renounce my political responsibilities due to labor incompatibility”.

A decision that guasp He has described it as "very difficult" because "there is no greater honor and responsibility than defending what you believe in, the political center, the progressive liberal principles and values ​​based on individual liberties and equal opportunities."

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“In short”, she stressed, “there is no greater honor than having been your Political Spokesperson and greater satisfaction than having been loyal to myself, to my party, to our voters and to our country”. Likewise, the liberal has expressed his “maximum gratitude” to his party“to each one of you, comrades, because the soul of a party is always its affiliates”.

“My maximum support to all public officials who continue to defend our liberal values ​​municipality by municipality, territory by territory. And, of course, I feel eternal pride for all those who, like me, have presented themselves under the acronym of CS in such difficult times to sow the defense of the Spanish liberal center project ”, he stated.

"Unfortunately, we are living through a moment of significant democratic collapse in our country," he continued. Despite this, she has shown herself to be "firmly convinced" that "bipartisanship, supported by extremists and exclusive nationalists, will never be the solution."

“Spain needs a transformative, reformist, liberal and progressive project that is defended from the political center, so that our democratic system stops continuing to pay dividends and collectivize the Spanish”, he opined.

Finally, Guasp has pointed out that "they will never be able to buy" the principles of Ciudadanos. Some principles that he, he has added, "of course, will never be sold, because sooner rather than later from the liberal center it will once again be decisive for the future of this country." "From now on, as one more affiliate, I will walk alongside you with humility and conviction to achieve the goals that we have always pursued together", he concluded.

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