Patricia Bullrich led a meeting with 500 young people and described the Insaurralde case as “the new bags”

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Patricia Bullrich speaks to the young people of the PRO, accompanied by Alfredo De Angeli, Gisela Scaglia, Silvia Lospennato and Eduardo Machiavelli

The day after the presidential debate, Patricia Bullrich He spoke this afternoon at the closing of a meeting of the PRO national council, at the Belgrano Athletic Club, where he stated that he had participated in the exchange with his rivals “totally cold, with fever, with all our ears covered and a complicated situation,” and described the scandal as Martin Insaurralde on the yacht in Marbella like “the new bags”, comparing that case with that of former Kirchnerist official José López.

“It is a political issue to lower the candidacy. Now You have to explain where you get the money from. how they become millionaires. how they continue to steal. Kirchnerism has been permanently robbing us for years. These are the new bags”, he said in dialogue with journalists before his speech.

The Together for Change candidate harangued some 500 young people from the PRO to go out and convince people to vote for her: “In these three weeks, to break it, to walk, to walk and to walk”, He asked them, and added: “I need all of you, no matter what list you were on. It doesn't matter where they were and what they thought, today the PRO is all together and the PRO is going to appoint the president of the Nation.”

The meeting, organized by Federico Angeliniinterim president of the PRO, was conceived as an instance of debate to motivate militancy, but, in practice, it became a way to try to heal the internal wounds and show unity: from 12 to 4 , they spoke Mauricio Macri (via video call, from Miami), Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, María Eugenia Vidal, Jorge Macri, Ignacio Torres (elected governor of Chubut) and three new female figures such as Gisela Scaglia (elected lieutenant governor of Santa Fe), Hebe Married (elected vice governor of Mendoza) and Clara Muzzio (candidate for deputy head of the Buenos Aires government), among others.

In his virtual contact with the PRO leadership, Macri maintained that Together for Change “it no longer represents the new, it has to be the change” and called on the militancy to mobilize to get more votes that allow Bullrich's electoral victory: “Let's not be lazy,” told them.

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