Patrice Evra revealed the mutiny of France and Anelka at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa


Patrice Evra played in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Photo: Cool and Art / Imago7

Former French player Patrice Evra revealed in an interview with RMC Sport part of the mutiny scandal experienced by the France team and Nikolas Anelka with coach Raymond Domenech during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

It all started after Domenech, coach of the French team at the World Cup, took Anelka off the pitch after the striker refused to listen to Domenech’s address.

“Nico, what did I tell you? Stop going down to look for the ball. Nico (Anelka) is tying his shoelaces, he is not even looking, and he says: “Fuck your team, if that’s the problem, I don’t play.” Domenech didn’t even listen to him. I told Nico to put his boots back on. I managed to convince him, Nico puts his shoes back on. And Domenech says, “No, Gignac is getting hot, he’s dead.” We resume the second part lost. Nico felt attacked,” Evra said.

After that game, Evra asked for a meeting between Anelka and Domenech to fix things between the two and return to a good atmosphere in the team, but Domenech decided not to come to the meeting.

“I went to Nico’s room to convince him. I ask where the coach is. They tell me they can’t find it. It is as if it had disappeared. In my head I tell myself that Nico is going to change his mind. And then I go upstairs and see the coach so calm with Jean-Pierre Escalettes. They are laughing. I tell the coach that we have been waiting for him for an hour and that Nico is ready to apologize. The coach told me: “It’s late, it’s over. Upstairs is the President of the Republic,” said the former Manchester United defender.

Then the France team staged a riot and did not get off the bus for training for the final group stage match where they were eliminated, having been runners-up in 2006.

“I didn’t tell him we weren’t going to train. We get off, go check on the kids, regroup, and head back to the bus. The driver starts. And there Raymond sends someone to take the keys from the driver and confiscate them. We couldn’t go home. Raymond got on the bus afterwards saying, “Do you want to be kids? Well, they’re going to sink,” he concluded.

After the problems of the selection, Domenech was fired and Anelka was no longer summoned to the national team.

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