Patience ran out in Buffalo and Dorsey was fired

Patience ran out in Buffalo and Dorsey was fired
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The Buffalo Bills management didn't wait long to fire offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey just a few hours after suffering a painful setback at home against Denverin a match in which the attack got stuck again.

Dorsey's departure comes after The Bills (5-5) suffered their fourth setback in the last six games. On Monday quarterback Josh Allen suffered a pair of interceptions and a fumble on a night of terror for the offense.

The Billswho before the start of the season were among the group of favorites to be in the superbowlthey got stuck for the sixth game in a row in which their offense has not generated more than 25 points.

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The shake between the team's controls with the Dorsey's dismissal open the door so quarterbacks coach Joe Brady takes the role offensive coordinator when next weekend they face the Jets (4-5), in a duel of desperate teams in the Eastern Division of the American Conference.

For Allen it will be a new beginning in a bittersweet campaign, as he leads alongside Tua Tagovailoa (Miami) to the quarterbacks with 19 touchdown passes, but he is also the one who has had the most interceptions this year with 11, after the two against the Broncos.


The Jets shook team by releasing running back Michael Carterafter having suffered their second defeat in a row over the weekend.

The Jets are 4-5; In his most recent two games they have gone without scoring a touchdown, which led the players to do an exercise in self-criticism, while Carter was announced that he was no longer part of the organization.

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