Pastor sentenced in NL to 37 years in prison for sexual abuse

Pastor sentenced in NL to 37 years in prison for
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A pastor was sentenced in Nuevo León to 37 years in prison accused of the crimes of rape, comparable to rape, attempted rape and sexual abuse against four female parishioners of his cult.

Those affected, whose identity is protected, some were teenagers at the time of the events and others were adults.

The state Attorney General's Office reported the result of the oral trial hearing with a conviction for sexual crimes.

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The events were perpetrated by the religious pastor between 2015 and 2020 in the municipality of Cadereyta Jiménez.

The hearing against Jonathan Armando “N”, 39 years old, was held on November 6.

A Public Ministry Agent assigned to an Investigation and Litigation Unit Specialized in Sexual Crimes found that there was sufficient evidence to prove his participation in the events of which he is accused.

It was determined that The man used his activity as a minister of religious worship to subdue his victims and impose sexual acts on them. “using physical and moral violence.”

The sentence imposed on him is 37 years in prison in a state Reintegration Center, as well as payment for reparation of damage in a generic manner and leaving the rights of the victims safe to justify the amount at the stage of execution of the sentence.

The accused used relationships of prior trust established with the victims derived from his participation as a religious minister (pastor) in a community, to approach said victims and exercise moral violence with the purpose of manipulating them with the intention of performing sexual acts on them through the use of force. physical, in case the victims tried to oppose the aggression,” detailed the FGJNL.

The man was arrested in August 2020 and has remained in preventive detention since then. Furthermore, in an oral trial held in July 2021, he had already received a conviction of 11 years in prison and compensation for damages for the crime of being comparable to rape against a young woman whom he abused by using the trust he had in him as a pastor of the religious cult to which she attended in Cadereyta.



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