Pastor commits suicide in Alabama after revealing he was a transgender woman

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Yesterday a mayor and pastor from Alabama, United States, committed suicide after was discovered to be posing as a transgender woman online.

'Bubba' Copeland was mayor of Smiths Station, a small town of 5,000 people, and also served as pastor of the First Baptist Church in the town. The first reports indicated that he had shot himself in front of police officers who were following him.

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The suicide occurred after the publication of an article in 1819 News, a conservative news page, which revealed 'the secret life' of Copeland as a transgender woman under the pseudonym Brittini Blaire Summerlin. Online she described herself as a “curvy transgender girl in transition, who loves smiling, clothes and shoes.”

The article of 1819 News highlighted one of the mayor's social media profiles in which he appeared wearing different women's outfits, including photos of himself in women's underwear in his bedroom and wearing his wife's clothes in his posts.

Following the release of the information, Copeland was assigned police security to ensure his well-being. However, he allegedly committed suicide while being accompanied by uniformed officers. "He got out of the vehicle, pulled out a gun and took his own life," the sheriff's office reported.

Defense of Coepand

After the revelation of his 'secret life' Copeland reported that his alter ego was for him a “hobby” that belonged to the sphere of his private life.

Only my wife knows,” he said. “It's a 'hobby' I do to relieve stress. I have a lot of stress and I am not medically transitioning. It's just a little character I'm playing. “I don’t go out looking for deals or anything like that.” “What I do in my private life has nothing to do with what I do in my holy life,” she clarified in an interview with the aforementioned media.

Does this have any effect on me being mayor, sometimes putting on a dress or sometimes putting on makeup? "Does that have anything to do with me being mayor or pastor?" she added.

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Copeland's suicide started a heated discussion between conservative readers who reject Coepland's “hobby” and those who defend their freedom to express their sexuality as they wish.

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