Passion for the dictatorship grows here

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Ruben Cortes.

Half of Mexicans would support a military government instead of a democratic one. The survey comes at a time of extreme penetration of the military in the country's civilian life: the generals already control more than 30 civilian institutions.

But the current president, supporter of this penetration of the military in the civil life of the country, goes to Chile to condemn the coup d'état that the military carried out against a democratic government in 1973, which caused the suicide of President Salvador Allende.

The most recent pollster report Latinobarómetroon the state of democracy in the region, indicates that 42 percent of Mexicans want a military government, and 56 percent would support a non-democratic government coming to power.

The opinion of half of Mexico, in favor of a military dictatorship, coincides with the historical decision of the Mexican Army to create a "generation of doctrine", something that it only does when it admits the arrival of a new organization of society in the country.

And that the general secretary, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, involved the Army in politics by supporting the president's personal political project, when he said in an official speech that "it is a pride to contribute to the Fourth Transformation."

Thus, Sandoval placed himself under the orders of the president who removed businessmen from political power to replace them with the military, with the idea of ​​eliminating the power of business, to establish the power of arms, as in Venezuela.

He is the same general who decided to create a "generation of doctrine" among the Mexican military, which the Army had not done since the presidency of Carlos Salinas, when he foresaw that he would make changes that would last more than 30 years.

With Salinas, they saw coming a new relationship between power and parties, business groups and the Church, TLC, IFE, CNDH, citizen institutions, privatization of state companies and banks, social plans (Solidarity Program).

They maintained that "generation of doctrine" until now when, with the arrival of populism in power, they warned of a dismantling of the institutional and democratic fabric of the country, the government of a single person.

With that autocratic regime, they have the highest budget in 110 years of history, only between SEDENA (111 thousand 911 million pesos), SEMAR (28 thousand 880.87 million) and the National Guard (67 thousand 826 million).

And they think it will last 30 years.

But, in addition to being super millionaires, being in the streets by legal mandate, and that the president maintains his one-person power in them, the military has the support of half of Mexicans to govern them.

He paints a green future, and not one of green hope: with the military clinging to populism.

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