Parliament of Ecuador dismisses the Superintendent of Banks | News

The plenary session of the National Assembly of Ecuador, with 85 votes in favor, censured and dismissed on Tuesday the head of the Superintendence of Banks (SB), Ruth Arregui, concluding that she stopped fulfilling her functions contemplated in the Constitution and the laws.


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In detail, 85 assembly members supported the motion, 15 legislators rejected the dismissal, two voted blank and 32 abstained.

The legislators who requested the motion of censure and dismissal were Alexandra Arce and Darwin Pereira, who accused the official of accepting the operation of 56 financial entities that were not authorized.

In addition, they pointed out that the now former superintendent fostered a climate of insecurity in the financial system, since she ceased to exercise her powers of control, control and supervision.

“Thousands of Ecuadorians were harmed by the banking system and did not receive any response from the Superintendence of Banks, nor did it act in a timely manner to protect citizens against the illegal collection of money, through the so-called Big Money structure,” Pereira explained.

Arregui, when presenting his defense arguments, said that he has always acted with transparency, responsibility and honesty, while denying that he had failed to fulfill his duties.

“I have complied with the provisions of the Organic Monetary and Financial Code, in what has to do with the control and supervision of the national financial system. For this reason, none of the eight grounds proposed by the applicant for this impeachment trial have any foundation,” he asserted.

In addition to being removed from her post, Arregui was disqualified from holding another similar role in the public sector.