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  • The NFL went undefeated over the weekend with losses to San Francisco and Philadelphia; The NFL demonstrated the parity that exists in a league that is an example.

Just returning from the Imagen Vector Golf Tour tournament, presented by Volvo, which took place last weekend on the beautiful course of the Miami Beach Golf Club, a new opportunity to thank all the participants of such a special event in Florida , and I cannot deny my great joy also for the tremendous spectacle that usually occurs in each NFL game, and to show a button: the two pool-breaking surprises that were presented with the fall of the last two undefeated, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Very difficult to believe the fall of what, until now, have been the two best teams in the league, however, the business model continues to show that it is extraordinary, as it is a bet on parity, on the teams' capacity to operate with good margins by limiting spending and ensuring an income from the immense profits generated from the commissioner's office Roger Goodell. The issue is simple, the league pays the share to each team, limits their spending and, thus, everyone earns significant amounts that, in some cases, are increased thanks to the box office and sponsorship sales of each team.

To this great economic business plan we must add that always, through the draft, the worst teams of each season are supported, since they have the opportunity to choose in the first rounds, which predicts greater talent from the graduates of the universities, a genius that produces great parity that is demonstrated in games, such as the victories of the Browns and Jets last weekend.

As interesting as the aforementioned business plan is, the decisions that are made at the desk are what make the difference in most cases, since the choice of executives, such as the general manager and the coaching staff, are the responsibility of each team, to this we must add that the monitoring of the trajectories of the collegiate players to improve certain gaps in each team is what makes, to a large extent, the difference.

From surprise to surprise, then, and with almost every game giving an immense spectacle, precisely like the one that is taking place at this moment, when writing this collaboration, in which Dallas and the Chargers are having a tremendous fight, a true a delight for fans and even for those not so much, who marvel at the great staging.


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