Paris City Council rules out selling the Parc des Princes to PSG

Paris City Council rules out selling the Parc des Princes
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“The negotiations are paralyzed, Today we do not want to sell the stadium, we have never wanted to do so," he assured EFE the Councilor for Sports of the Paris City Council, Pierre Rabadan, on the future of the Princes Parkhome of PSG.

In an interview with EFE In the Parisian fan zone of the Rugby World Cup being held in France, Rabadan addressed the controversy between the Parisian City Council and the club chaired by the Qatari Nasser Al Khelaifi which could lead to the emblematic soccer team of Paris moving out of the capital.

The Parc des Princes, with a capacity of almost 50 thousand spectators, considered insufficient for the size of the club, is municipally owned and is rented to PSG until 2044. But the club wants to buy it to expand it.

However, the City Council, governed by the socialist Anne Hidalgo, refuses to part with the premises, something that has infuriated the Qatari leader, who has threatened to move to the neighboring city of Saint-Denis, to France stadium, state-owned.

Anne Hidalgo.

The councilor assured about the offer presented almost a year ago.

Although we have never wanted to sell, we have listened to the offer they wanted to make us, which was ridiculously low (38 million euros).

Rabadan estimated that there are “other ways to expand the stadium” without it being owned by PSG and regretted that PSG did not want to sit down to negotiate again.

“We want them to stay in the Parc des Princes, we have always said it: it is the Paris club and we think that there are conditions for them to stay,” he added, alluding to the candidacy for the tender presented by PSG for the Stadium de France, in the north of Paris, about 15 kilometers from its current property.

Al Khelaifi has not missed the opportunity to put pressure on the City Council.

To attract new investors we need our own stadium. It's like that with all the big clubs. The mayor has my number and I am always delighted to see her.

(With information from EFE)

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