Paris 2024: Armed conflict in the Middle East will not impact the security of JO | Video

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The war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas will not affect the security plans for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, said this Monday Tony Estanguethead of the organizing committee.

In recent days there have been protests in the country, which hosts the largest Muslim and Jewish communities in Europe. France was put in its maximum security alert on Friday after a teacher died in an Islamist attack.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, also deployed up to 7 thousand soldiers to increase the security patrols, Since the Bomb alerts forced the Louvre Museum to be evacuated. The conflict of middle East has often stoked internal tensions in the past.

Estanguet, president of the organizing committee of the sports fair, scheduled from July 26 to August 11told the press:

We will not change our plans with what is happening at the moment because from the beginning we are at the best level in terms of security with Paris 2024.

We have long anticipated what we need. Since 2020 we know very well how many people we need site by site, day by day, and we continue to work with public authorities to guarantee safety.

“So, again, I am very confident because there is a strong commitment on the part of our partners to guarantee security”he pointed.

France has declared that it will deploy some 35 thousand security and military agents to protect the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games -a river parade through the heart of Paris- threats such as drone attacks.

It is expected that Hundreds of thousands of spectators line the Seine River along the 6 kilometers of route to see the dnational delegations sail in a flotilla of boats from the Austerlitz bridge to the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in the first opening ceremony of an Olympic Games of this magnitude to be held outside the stadium.

(With information from Reuters)

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