Parents arrested in Mexico who put their 3-year-old daughter in a water tank for hours


María Lucila and Javier were detained by the police, a judge imposed a bond of $245 dollars for each one.

Photo: Attorney General of the State of Mexico / Courtesy

The police of the State of Mexico arrested and imprisoned a couple, after leaving their little daughter locked up and abandoned for several hours inside a water tank. The little girl had to be rescued by the authorities who jumped over a fence to enter the home and help the minor who only cried saying: “My parents left me in the water tank.”

Enormous indignation caused the alleged punishment committed by two parents by putting at least 290.5 gallons of water (1,100 liters) in a water tank where they left her locked up, while they left the house located in the municipality of Chalco.

Maria Lucila “N” and Javier “N” They were detained by the city authorities, after being identified as the parents of the minor, whose personal data is kept confidential. The couple was admitted to a prison in this municipality of Chalco and A bond of $5,000 pesos was set for each, which is equivalent to approximately $245 dollars.

Lucila, mother of the little girl, and Javier, sentimental partner of the woman and who acts as the stepfather of the 3-year-old girl, were transferred and presented before the Agent of the Public Ministry. The agents initiated an investigation, after the cruel act to accuse the two subjects of child violence and also, according to the information they had already left the girl locked up on other occasions.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) reported that after carrying out a series of investigations with neighbors and witnesses to the events, the accused were referred to a judge. The child protection attorney in Chalco, Indira Carmina Gutiérrez, confirmed the bail set for each of those responsible.

The story happened last June 13 when the family’s neighbors in the municipality of Chalco heard a girl scream and cry, at that moment they realized that the minor was stuck in a giant water tank, which was empty, and was in the patio of the house

Witnesses immediately called the police so they could save the girl, who was crying out for help. The agents jumped a fence to enter through the roof of the house and go down to the patio, to start the rescue work.

One of the officers carefully turned the container upside down so that the girl could be removed. and some items she was carrying, while the little girl cried and told the police: “My parents left me in the tinaco.”

The police could not get out through the door of the house and with the help of other officers they again went out through the roof and the girl was protected by the child protection authorities and is already in a home.

The video that a witness recorded of the rescue went viral on social networks and raised the indignation and courage of the users, who crossed out the parents for committing such a bad act against a little girl.

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