Paraguayan Senate denies the penalty for closing routes | News


This Thursday it was reported that the Chamber of Senators of Paraguay rejected the bill that sought to penalize with years in prison those who, as part of their popular mobilizations, caused the closure of routes.


Truckers mobilize in protest towards the Paraguayan capital

With 26 votes against, 13 in favor and six not counted due to absence from the courtroom, the opinion “that modifies article 216 of Law 1,160/1,997 ‘Criminal Code'” was refuted, and under the protection of members of the Human Rights Commission , under the direction of Senator Gilberto Apuril.

The proposal was presented by Senator Enrique Riera, who intended to endorse legislation in the Penal Code to imprison people who block routes for a maximum of six years.

In this regard, the Senate declared that “by nominal vote the rejection of the bill that modifies article 216 of Law 1160/1997 Penal Code is resolved, it is sent to the file”.

This proposal led to intense protests by the union of transporters, peasants, indigenous and homeless, and members of the Federation of Educators of the Capital and Interior (FECI), of the South American nation.

After the decision, Juan Villalba, spokesman for the truckers’ sector, celebrated the Senate’s decision and thanked those who supported his fight against the so-called Riera Law.

The previous month, the Government announced the intervention of the strike of carriers sustained for four days, since they blocked the roads, and therefore, the transfer of resources in the country.

The sector made the protest requesting a reduction in the price of fuel, after six increases made to these in a period of one year.

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