Paraguay receives 466,830 anticovid doses donated by Germany | News


The office of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Paraguay reported this Monday the arrival of 466,830 Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19, donated by the Government of Germany, through the Covax mechanism.


Paraguay faces highest peak of infections by Covid-19

In this sense, the entity specified that with this shipment of anticovid doses, the South American nation accumulates 1,093,200 doses purchased, and another 879,840 donated under the management of said global mechanism.

Likewise, the German doses, Pfizer, are certified in the South American country to immunize the population in the age range of 12 to 17 years, older than 18 years, pregnant women; as well as a booster dose to complete the vaccination cycle.

However, the vaccine donation mechanism must send at least 3,709,800 vaccines against Covid-19 to complete the 4,279,800 immunizers, belonging to any of the doses approved for emergency use, to comply with the signed agreement. between the PAHO Revolving Fund and the Paraguayan Government, last August 2020.

According to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay, the South American nation is experiencing a rebound in cases due to the expansion of the Omicron variant; for which it is essential that the population complete the vaccination schedule.

To date, around 3,506,267 Paraguayans have received at least the first dose of an anticovid drug, while 3,037,455 nationals have completed the vaccination cycle, and 705,223 have received the booster dose.

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