Paraguay faces another day of forest fires | News

Paraguay registered this Sunday a worrying burning of grasslands in the Costanera de Asunción area in the San Miguel Ecological Reserve, and other regions after a week with hundreds of active fires.


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The captain of the Paraguayan Volunteer Firefighters Corps, Cristhian Vázquez, said that fortunately the fire in the reserve could be controlled and indicated that the forest fires should be considered a national cause and lamented the damage it is causing to the environment, due to citizen unconsciousness.

“This is the new war that we are waging today, we are losing hectares of forests, we are losing animals, that your children, your grandchildren, my children, my grandchildren are going to miss and need and we have to fight as the inheritance that it has to be left to them,” he told local media.

Likewise, Vázquez urged citizens to collaborate with supplies, water and food to fight the fires and called not to cause forest fires. “We have a very difficult outlook for the next few days, we are praying that this is not the case. Everything is a perfect conjunction so that there are more fires.”

According to the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, this Monday there are 865 hot spots nationwide, specifically 119 hot spots in Protected Areas.

The Paraguarí area was affected this week by forest fires that damaged livestock. In turn, the Nueva Italia area registered a large-scale fire that could not be extinguished, according to the Paraguayan Volunteer Fire Department.

Experts point out that the cause of the fires is in the heat wave that the South American region is suffering, to which are added the northerly winds that influence almost the entire country, making it easier for the spread of flames in forests and grasslands. .

Some 400 sources of fire were reported throughout Uruguay last Friday, according to volunteer firefighters. Among the points were Nueva Italia, General Bruguez, Puerto Falcón, Luque-San Bernardino, Paraguarí and Costanera de Asunción with large-scale fires.