Paola Longoria attacks Ana Guevara and assures that she would like to direct the Conade

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The Mexican racquetball player Paola Longoriacurrently considered the best in the world in the discipline, again attacked the management of the former athlete Ana Guevaraat the head of the conadean organization that he confessed, he would like to lead in the future.

During his tenure as head of the National Commission for Physical Culture and SportsGuevara has been harshly criticized for the Lack of support and economic scholarships for athleteswho have had to look for alternative ways to finance both their training, as well as their attendance at competitions, including Longoria.

In an interview with the specialized chain ESPNthe gold winner in the Central American and Caribbean Gamesasked the former silver medalist in the Olympic Games Athens 2004forget their rivalries with athletes, remember your step as an athlete and keep in mind that she experienced the difficulties of lack of support during her time as a professional athlete.

It is to change that chip and leave those rivalries and that lawsuit that takes place between athletes, federations, Conade and everything. There is a director who has been an athlete, and if you get to her, I think it's time for her to also think a little, 'I saw it, I lived it and experienced it myself', I can change, help.

The Pan American winner also added that, in the future, she would like to direct to the Conade and power like this help athletes the way she has not been supported, stating that “There are many things to improve in Mexican sports”.

Yes I would like to be in that positionObviously we have to see what conditions it remains in, because I am not going to grab a magic wand and I am going to change everything, but I would love to have people who support me, to see that the athletes are really enjoying themselves, that they feel sheltered, have the support and tomorrow if I would love to do my bit to switch to sports“, sentenced in ESPN.

Longoria is not the only athlete to lash out at Guevara in recent days while confessing her desire to lead the sports body, since earlier in the week, the excavator Paola Espinoza admitted that he would like be part of the Conade and replace the one you called “worst administration” in history of the governing body of Mexican sports.

The controversies between the athletes and Guevara intensified after the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023on which he commented on some of his competition were "filler".

In an interview with the radio program Sports SpaceLongoria lashed out: “We cannot demerit any competition, there are those who dream of winning a Central American medal and it is not to detract”.

The Conade and the racquetball player have had an extensive separation, after the organization withdrew its support for Longoria after a alleged debt of 1.6 million pesos that were granted and did not verify their spending.

In this regard, the most dominant athlete in world racquetball, He assured that he has already won the lawsuit to the organization and now the fight will be because they pay him for the months that his financial support has been suspended.

I have already won the lawsuit, I am on the subject of collecting my scholarships from three years ago that have not paid me, the incentives for world championships and the medal of the World Games. Why am I going to give away something that I already earned?

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