Panteón de San Fernando Museum, with a unique offer for Day of the Dead

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The Day of the Dead celebration will reach the Panteón de San Fernando Museum, belonging to the capital's Ministry of Culture, where the work will be carried out Memento Mori, from San Andrés Mixquic to San Fernandofrom October 31 to November 5.

The activity will be carried out with the collaboration of the San Andrés Mixquic Barrio Mágico Collective and the participation of researchers, teachers and artists, who will teach workshops, present the book Secret history of the Pantheon of San Fernando, They will tell legends of Mexico, talk about the marigold flower and present Catrinas.

As every year, the museum will offer a new proposal that includes staging Cycle of the Sun and pre-Hispanic legendspoetry in Nahuatl and a pre-Hispanic dance, among other activities.

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He Panteón de San Fernando is one of the oldest cemeteries in Mexico City and one of the most representative examples of architecture and funerary art of its time. It operated from 1832 to 1872 and was declared Historical Heritage of the Nation in 1935.

Located in the Guerrero neighborhood, It has an important symbolic value, since it was the final destination of the remains of prominent figures in the history of Mexico in the 19th century, such as Benito Juárez, Miguel Miramón and Ignacio Zaragoza.

It is an obligatory reference to study and understand that period: its stories, its customs, its traditions, and it is part of the heritage wealth of Mexico City.

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