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Francisco Garfias.

The president does not respect what he says. He established a record in the violation of a commitment that seconds before he had just assumed yesterday morning.

"We are going to comply with all legal regulations, as we always do, and with the decisions of the electoral bodies, we only do it under protest," he assured.

Immediately, under the pretext that he had not been notified, he again disobeyed the instruction of the INE Complaints Commission not to address electoral issues, nor refer, for better or worse, to the contenders for popular election positions.


Once again, Xóchitl Gálvez is the reason for his nightmare. She again skewed data to disqualify her and make her appear corrupt:

"He has done very well because from selling gelatin he became a millionaire and we announced that in nine years his company obtained contracts, both from the government and from developers for 1.4 billion pesos, a prosperous company, and they begin to say no we play fair.

“She is the candidate of the powerful of the conservative bloc, of the corrupt —so that it is understood correctly, of those who had dedicated themselves to looting Mexico.”

By litigating the matter in the morning and disregarding the authority of the INE, the president ratifies his statement that "don't come to me with the story that the Law is the Law." He knows perfectly well the precautionary measure imposed by the INE, but it was worth it.


Judging by what is emerging, López Obrador is campaigning for the woman from Hidalgo. Every time he hits, he rises in the electoral preferences. Without her attacks, she says, "I wouldn't be where I am."

A survey by México Elige, carried out between July 11 and 15 on digital platforms, places Xóchitl as the Broad Front for Mexico candidate who leads the race for the presidential candidacy.

According to the aforementioned measurement, Xóchitl rose 38 points in a matter of weeks and already reaches 51 percent of the preferences, against 10.5 percent of Santiago Creel; 10 percent of Enrique de la Madrid and 6 percent of Beatriz Paredes.

And, be careful, to the question: If the elections were today and these were the characters who would you vote for?

The answer was:

Claudia Sheinbaum, 27 percent; Xóchitl Galvez, 23 percent; Adán Augusto López, 16.5 percent; Marcelo Ebrard 11 percent and Noroña, 10 percent.

The senator's dizzying rise brings great concern to the subjects of Mr. de Palacio.

The unpresentable governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, urged the SAT to investigate the Broad Front candidate for tax evasion.

The Morenista deputy, Alejandro Robles, filed a complaint with the FGR and the FIU of the radical guinda militant, Pablo Gómez, for illicit enrichment and money laundering.

The woman from Hidalgo herself confirmed to us, via WhatsApp, that a contract that his company had with Banobras was cancelled.

Previously, in statements in the Senate, she assured carefree: “I'm doing well. He has nowhere to hold me. You won't find anything for me, even if you get into my SAT information.”


The national head of the PAN, Marko Cortés, has already raised his voice. He condemned the illegal use of information to attack the senator, and asked Pablo Gómez not to engage in political activism from the FIU.

"One of the requirements to register in the process was to present your declaration 3 of 3 in terms of transparency," he stressed.

And maá: "we will accompany Xóchitl Gálvez in all legal actions that he intends to file against the president, since he violated the Law and we cannot let it go."


"What (the media) are not silent about García Luna?" López Obrador asked yesterday morning, in an effort to justify the campaign against Xóchitl – in five days he mentioned it 25 times – with biased information.

“I have to make it known, it is my duty,” he said.

No, Mr. President, your duty is not to use the morning to do "politicking." The media did not keep quiet about García Luna. It is very easy to verify that everything that happened with the former secretary of public security, since his arrest in Texas, in December 2019, has been published and denounced.

I'll tell you how. Go Google. Write Genaro García Luna and you will see how many notes are displayed. Read them and judge the tone.

There are all the media that you insult daily: Reforma (the darling of the morning), Televisa, El Universal, El Financiero, Excelsior, El País...

Not with lies


Rodrigo Abdalá is a delegate of the Welfare Secretariat in Puebla. He is also the nephew of Manuel Bartlett, general director of the CFE, and a candidate from Morena for governor of the state.

The 42-year-old delegate disputes the candidacy of Alejandro Armenta, president of the board of directors in the Senate, and Ignacio Mier, coordinator of the Morena bench in San Lázaro. He swears that he is not the dauphin of his controversial uncle, who ruled that state between 1993 and 1999.


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