Pancho Barraza confesses that at 60 he likes to take care of his image and is a "fitness artist"

Pancho Barraza.

Photo: File/ Diego Bonilla / Reforma Agency

Many may think that at more than 60 years Pancho Barraza his withdrawal was already given in the operating room, but he assured that the only stretches he gets are the gym when he does sit-ups.

Although he admitted that in his youth he was very lazy, after 30 years of experience, the Mexican regional singer said he was a "fitness artist", like his friend and colleague edwin moon, with whom he promotes the duet “Esta Va Por Ti”.

He said he was a disciplined man, concerned about showing his best image to the public.

When I was lazy, I was lazy, There came a time when I said: Up to here because if it happened to me, it was worth it. We are a kind of 'fitness artists' in my free time because I know perfectly well that Edwin focuses a lot on exercise and in my free time I do it too,” said Barraza.

A person of my age, over 60 years old, you see my face and you say: This one has already withdrawn and I haven't removed nothing. The only thing I relax is when I do sit-ups," he said in a video conference, "This thing about music is order, discipline and perseverance. There is no way back. Either you settle with the surgeon or you go on a solid diet”.

Edwin Luna, leader of Banda La Trakalosa, joined his talent to that of the one he calls "maestro", Pancho Barraza, for the song "Esta Va Por Ti", which had time canned and they considered this the moment to make it known.

This is the second time they have worked together, their first duet was on the song "Mi Amor Sin Ella" on the occasion of Barraza's 30th career anniversary.

When we recorded for their anniversary, we took the opportunity to record this song ('Esta Va Por Ti'), we had it saved. In January I made him the proposal that it be the recent single by La Trakalosa and he said yes”, added Luna.

The song is very good, added Barraza and invites you to have a good drink.

It's like to cut your veins or to grab a bottle even if it's turpentine“, he joked.

During the Zoom conference, the artists expressed their desire to organize a tour together, even with other colleagues as a special gift for the public that appreciates regional music.

They highlighted the opportunity to work for the camaraderie that unites the artists of the popular genre and they demolished the fact that they are not united.

It happened (the duet) because we had free time, I don't think (it hasn't happened before) due to egos, we have always been friends all of us (those of the genre), we lacked time“, Pancho Barraza indicated.

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