Panama Prosecutor's Office requested maximum sentence for ex-president Martinelli | News

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The Panama Prosecutor's Office requested this Thursday the maximum sentence for the former president, Ricardo Martinelli, and 12 other people accused of the alleged crime of money laundering, considering that they incurred in a "continuous" violation and of which they are "authors".


Trial begins for former Panamanian president Martinelli for corruption

The prosecutor in the case, Emeldo Márquez, asked Judge Boloísa Marquínez for said measure as a solution to the case in which they are held responsible for the purchase, with alleged public funds, of the Editorial Panamá América SA (Epasa) for almost 44 million dollars in December 2010.

According to the Penal Code of that country, the penalties for the crime of money laundering range from six months to six years in prison, and can be increased "from a third to a half of the sentence" due to aggravating factors, as the prosecutor expressed.

This Thursday began the arguments phase of the defense of the defendants, who already pleaded not guilty on May 23, at the beginning of this trial hearing that will end next Monday.

The investigation consists of 164 volumes and began in 2017, when the Public Ministry learned of the commission of a crime against the economic order for the irregular purchase of a news media conglomerate.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the disbursements in the New Business case were delivered by companies that in turn received contracts for different infrastructure works. All these actions were carried out in the 2009-2014 period of Martinelli's mandate.

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