Panama humiliated Mexico 4-1 in the final of the Maurice Revello Tournament

RaĂșl Chabrand DT from Mexico in the Maurice Revello Tournament.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

In what meant his third final in the Maurice Revello Tournament, The Mexican team ended up giving up against the odds against its similar Panama with a humiliating 4-1 win. The match had an even start in terms of dangerous actions and it turned back and forth.

Panama warned before the first 20 minutes, crashing a ball off the crossbar, but at the end of the first half, at 40', the striker John Jairo Alvarado dribbled past defender Ramon Juarezwho knocked him down with light contact.

the midfielder Richard Phillips He was in charge of unlocking the actions of the 11 steps and the Central American team went to the locker room with an advantage. However, what should have been a second part of redemption ended up being the end and the catastrophe for the Tri.

10 minutes after the second whistle, the Panamanians scored the second goal thanks to a recovery in midfield that turned into a long ball for the winger Jose Eduardo Bernalwho controlled, removed the mark of uziel garcia and surpassed Hector Holguin with a subtle definition on the side.

At 59 ', again in transition, Panama managed to deal a hard blow with the 3-0 when in an aerial ball Mexican defenders ended up colliding with each other and allowed Kahiser Lenis control and convert

With 25 minutes to play, the Central Americans certified the humiliation thanks to an individual action by Angel Orelien and powerful shot from outside the area. Six minutes later, at 80', Mexico was able to score the long-awaited goal of honor after a good combination that culminated with a pass from Marcelo Flores and definition of left-handed by Heriberto Jurado.

The sub 23 of Mexico He meets his second defeat in this event after winning his only title in the 2012 edition, when the tournament was still called Toulon hopes and under the direction of Luis Fernando Tena. They did it with a score of 3-0 thanks to goals from Candido Ramirez, Hiram Mier and Alan Pulido.

In 2018 they returned to the final, but under the technical direction of marco antonio ruiz. El Tri ended up losing 2-1 against England. edward aguirre, forward for Santos, was the top scorer, with seven goals; while Diego Laínezat that time a squad player for América, was chosen as the best player of the tournament.

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