Panama declares green alert before approaching tropical depression | News

The National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) of Panama declared this Thursday a green alert (preventive warning) in the territory due to the formation of the thirteenth tropical depression of the cyclonic season.


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The entity is based on the forecasts issued by the Directorate of Hydrometeorology of the Electric Transmission Company (Etesa), which warn about the need to keep all Panamanian provinces under notice in the face of the bad weather system that is expected over the river basin. Caribbean.

Panamanian meteorologists predict that the tropical depression will cause significant rainy events, with accumulations that could range between 100 and 200 millimeters per day on the Pacific and Caribbean slopes.

“The areas that are expected to be most affected are: the province of Veraguas (South and Central region); Chiriquí, Ngäbe Buglé region, Darién, Panama, especially East Panama, Costa Abajo de Colón, Coclé and regions (Emberá Wounaan and Guna Yala)”, Sinaproc issued in a statement.

Likewise, the authorities show concern because the arrival of the tropical depression to the isthmus coincides with the period of high tides in the Pacific, so that between October 8 and 13 they can reach up to 17.5 feet in height (more than 5 ,3 meters).

Sinaproc recommends bathers, boat owners and the general population to follow preventive and safety measures, mainly in vulnerable areas such as beaches, rivers, streams, lakes and trails.

Likewise, the Panama Maritime Authority issued an alert in force until next October 11 for artisanal vessels and yachts on the coasts of the country.

For her part, the Panamanian meteorologist Luz Calzadilla told the local press that the tropical depression is moving very quickly, so it could intensify and evolve into a cyclone in the next few hours.