Panama celebrates Martyrs' Day in defense of its sovereignty | News

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With various civic acts in defense of the sovereignty of Panama, the 58 years of the patriotic deed of January 9, 1964 were remembered.


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With separate acts, authorities and social movements honored the martyrs with the placement of floral offerings and gave a minute of silence.

Various popular movements and Panamanian unions arrived this Sunday at the Santa Ana park in the capital to pay tribute to the martyrs of the deed of January 9, 1964 and called for the defense of national sovereignty.

At the rally, the president of the Broad Front for Democracy, Fernando Cebamanos, recalled the epic, when 58 years ago young students tried to raise their flag in the colonial enclave of the Panama Canal and were massacred by US police and soldiers.

The secretary general of the National Confederation of Independent Trade Union Unity (Conusi), Marcos Andrade, remarked that the independence of the Canal Zone and its administration are linked to the brave attitude of students and people, to that symbol of planting the flag in that enclave, where only the American waved.

On January 9, 1964, hundreds of Panamanian students came to what was then the Balboa School in the Canal Zone to demand the raising of the national flag.

The incidents caused clashes between Panamanians and Americans, with 21 Panamanians killed.

President Laurentino Cortizo, accompanied by members of the Cabinet, placed a wreath in front of the Monument to the Martyrs at the Ascanio Arosemena Training Center of the Panama Canal where the “Eternal Flame” is also located, in memory of the 21 martyrs who offered their lives. in the fight for national sovereignty.

The feat transcended because the national and world conscience was impacted and because of the firm and patriotic behavior of President Roberto “Nino” Chiari, who made the courageous decision to break diplomatic relations and accuse the US power of aggression in the OAS and the UN Navas Pájaro assured.

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