PAN will go together to choose the person in charge of the FAM, says Marko Cortés

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In the National Action Party we will go united and with all the strength to elect the person responsible for the Broad Front for Mexico, assured the national president, Marko Cortés Mendoza, who trusted that this last stage will be equally successful as the first ones.

“We are promoting a completely unprecedented, attractive and hopeful process for the people, which is why in Acción Nacional we assure that we will go together, that there will be no conflict, that there will be unity and a great closing of ranks, to define the person in charge of the Broad Front for Mexico ", he claimed.

Cortés Mendoza admitted that it was a risky decision to open this reflection to the public, but recalled that the difficult circumstances the country is experiencing warranted it and today it has been achieved: credibility, legitimacy and enthusiasm that translate into almost 3 million people already inscribed on the front platform.

He widely recognized the members of the Organizing Committee for their extraordinary work and commitment during this process, showing a responsible and quality performance in accordance with their extensive experience in electoral matters.

He also highlighted the great enthusiasm and camaraderie shown among the applicants Xóchilt Gálvez, Santiago Creel and Beatriz Paredes in the Monterrey Regional Forum, showing us extensive knowledge to solve the problems of poverty and inequality, as well as to promote economic growth, sustainability and care for our environment; with clear messages of high vision, generosity and commitment to Mexico.

The national head of panismo recalled that this Sunday the registration closes at midnight, for which he made the last call to society to participate and register on the platform and called for us to give together the last milestone in this unprecedented and historic process for Mexico, where we are risking everything, the present and the future, he concluded.

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