PAN begins work towards 2024 in CDMX

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Cecilia Patron, general secretary of the party, is confident that the PAN will manage to win the leadership of the City government. “Today Mexico is going through a situation of political persecution and we want a country where everyone lives in peace,” she declared.

With the event "Change Mexico, a strategy from the local," the National Action Party underpins work towards the 2024 elections in Mexico City.

In inaugurating these training workshops for local PAN leaders, the party's general secretary, Cecilia Patron Laviada, He pointed out that victory can be achieved in 2024, because extraordinary work has been done in the City, which was reflected in the 2021 elections when half of the mayors were won, a great pride for the national panism.

"The challenge is great in Mexico and in the city, and you can win the heart of Mexico and that is why the importance of these important tasks, of going to the State Steering Committees, but making a team from the municipal level," he stressed.

He stressed that the PAN in Mexico City is a sounding board throughout the country and that is why the work that is done in each committee is so important, the part that corresponds to each one and in an orderly manner.

“From the CEN and on behalf of our president Marko Cortés, we tell you that we are very proud of what you have achieved in the PAN Mexico City, that slogan of yes there is another, is a very clear example. You have to encourage people, invite them to move hearts, to move souls, so that no one stays at home, ”he requested.

The federal deputy also regretted that today Mexico is going through a situation of "political persecution" and that whoever thinks differently is the enemy, for which she stated that with the triumph of Acción Nacional there will be a country at peace.

"So there is important work to do, to tell the people of the City that they deserve to achieve their dreams and the vehicle to do it is called National Action."

These courses of Demarcational Steering Committees will be taught by the secretaries and directors of the CEN, Training and Training, Margarita Martínez Fisher and Said Mendoza, coordinator in the Internal Strengthening secretariat.

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