PAN and PRD put obstacles in Xóchitl

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Hector Moctezuma de León.

As if she were not their candidate, as if she had not won the internal process to lead the Broad Front for Mexico, PAN and PRD put obstacles in the way of Xóchitl Gálvez in the process of building a different option to challenge Morena and her allies for the presidency.

Gálvez has not been able to integrate his team of collaborators due to the veto of PAN members and PRD members for some characters proposed by the senator who, unlike her opponent, the ruling party Claudia Sheinbaum, who travels the country supported by the best cadres of her Morena party.

Until now, the candidate for the opposition candidacy has only been able to integrate the PRI members into her team, José Ángel Gurría as her advisor, Ildefonso Guajardo as coordinator for international links and Enrique de la Madrid who will have the functions of coordinating the Working Groups to Build the Government Project. All three were on the list for Front coordinators.

Recently Xóchitl proposed Germán Martínez Cázares, current senator for the Plural Group, and Margarita Zavala as spokespersons for the FAM, but they were beaten by the leaders of the blue and white, Marko Cortés, and the Aztec sun, Jesús Zambrano.

Until now, the presidential candidate who will surely lead the opposition alliance in the 2024 elections has only had the support of the PRI. It is true, her campaign coordinator is the PAN member Santiago Creel, who also challenged her candidacy, but that was the result of an agreement prior to the process in which the Hidalgo native came out ahead.

Something will have to be done because while on the other front they arm themselves with their best men, some with twisted fangs in electoral matters, in the opposition they are so indecisive that all the expectations that Mrs. force with which it began and that aroused great expectations, especially among the middle class, which is the most upset with President López Obrador.


A video is leaked in which Clara Brugada, candidate for the Coordination of the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation in Mexico City, recognizes that Omar García Harfuch has a considerable advantage and tells her interlocutor that they must look for Marcelo to that connects them with Dante of the Citizen Movement...Doctor Francisco Moreno Sánchez, one of the specialists who knows the most about Covid-19, says that the Abdala and Sputnik vaccines, which have not been approved by the World Health Organization, gave some results on the first strains, but now there are new ones for which they are only 10 percent effective. Nothing. So the government deceives those who apply them? How cynical is that of “Doctor Muerte”, Hugo López Gatell, who opened an account to deposit at least 5 thousand pesos for his campaign for the candidacy of Morena for the Government of Mexico City, that is not having a mother...Do not come out with "chicanadas" they told the president of the INE Guadalupe Taddei, after she prevented an agreement from being finalized so that in the elections of the 8 governors or governors and the head of the government of Mexico City, there would be 5 for the female sex and 4 for the male.

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