Palestinian youth dies after Israeli repression in the West Bank | News


A Palestinian youth was killed as a result of gunshots in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, following clashes with Israeli forces, local media reported.


Palestinians reported injured by Israeli aggression in the West Bank

The young man was identified as Ahmad Younes Al-Atrash, 29, who died on Shalala street located in the center of the aforementioned city.

Palestinian media reported that the young man was participating in a protest against Israeli colonization, in which, as is common, Zionist soldiers broke in and tried to dismantle the protest by force.

Seriously injured, Al-Atrash was rushed to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for his injuries, but he perished.

Likewise, other Palestinian demonstrators were treated for suffocation as a result of inhaling tear gas.

It is worth mentioning that this Thursday, two Palestinians died as a result of a confrontation with the Israeli army in the city of Jenin, also located in the occupied West Bank, shortly after another Palestinian was killed in Bethlehem after wounding an Israeli with a knife while they were moving on a bus.

Due to the growing wave of confrontations, one of the most complicated in recent years, the Israeli government announced the deployment of a significant number of troops in the national and occupied territory.

It is worth mentioning that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a time characterized by increased tension in the area as caused by the escalation of war in Gaza in May of last year.

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