Palestinian victim of Israeli aggression in the West Bank dies | News

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A 23-year-old Palestinian man died on Wednesday as the victim of an attack perpetrated last week by the Israeli occupying forces in the West Bank, the corresponding medical sources reported.


Israeli forces kill another Palestinian minor in Abu Dis

Ahmed Hikmat Seif was seriously injured after being hit by three shots to the thigh, abdomen and back during clashes on March 1. Finally on the morning of this Wednesday (local time), the young man died in a hospital in Nablus.

The body of the young man considered a martyr was carried by the crowd that attended his funeral in the town of Burqa, northwest of Nablus in the West Bank.

On March 1, Palestinians from the town of Barkah held a march in support of their compatriots imprisoned in Israel, which was violently repressed by the Israeli occupation forces.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces carried out an assault on Tuesday in Al-Ram, a town north of occupied Jerusalem where more than 20 civilian arrests were recorded.

According to local media, in Burka and its surroundings there are frequent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers and settlers who seek to restore the evacuated settlement of Homesh.

Despite the fact that the leaders of the Palestinian people have denounced in the international arenas the constant violations of Israel considered as war crimes, the international community remains inert and ignores the historically based claims.

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