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Francisco Garfias.

Do not get wrong. Norma Piña was not elected by the vote of a majority of SCJN ministers. Neither because of her track record, her merits or her proven adherence to the autonomy of the Judiciary. The lady president of the Court, to speak in silver, is for me as president ”, assures Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The declaration, worthy of any banana republic, was made by the first president in his pulpit in the morning. They asked him why he thinks the minister came to office because of him.

“Ah…Before, the president would put and remove the president of the Court at will… This comes from the Porfiriato… (today) we are living in extraordinary times,” he replied.

He also admits that he does not trust the SCJN, but says that the separation of powers is important.

As if we did not know of his contempt for institutions and the Law; and that he himself assumes himself as the incarnation of the people.


It is true that we live in extraordinary times. We are subject to the will of a single man; organized crime is everywhere, the shortage of medicines remains in its fifth year of government.

We suffer from inflation and shortages. Economic growth is low. Today Mexico's GDP is smaller than when López Obrador arrived at the Naconal Palace. But yes, we have the "super peso", fueled by high interest rates, the great business for financial speculators.

In terms of health we are light years behind Denmark. We are ranked 68th in the world, according to specialized magazines. To make matters worse, there are 4 million more poor people, according to the Inegi.


Today is a key day for the PRI. Alito Moreno, president of the CEN, and Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, parliamentary coordinator in the Senate, meet. First alone, then with the parliamentary faction. The meeting will take place at the Presidents Hall of the CEN.

The meeting was requested by Osorio, after the disagreement that both had in the plenary session of the PRI senators, at the end of January.

The anger that they were already bringing was exacerbated because the coordinator of the tricolor bench left the plenary when the president of the party appeared at the conclave.

He claimed that alito He was not invited and that he violated an agreement, according to which he would arrive at the Senate at six in the afternoon, once the plenary session had closed. But in the CEN they flatly deny that there was such an agreement.

Osorio requested today's meeting. Alito answered positively. Yesterday he declared that he was not going to discuss personal matters with the party leader, but rather to look for ways to improve the dialogue between his bench and the PRI.

But a senator from the group told us that things could get ugly for Osorio. He does not rule out that they can remove him. The man from Hidalgo does not have a majority within his own bench.

There was already a request for the expulsion of the hidalguense within the National Political Council, which controls Alito. It was not voted. It was turned over to the National Commission for Party Justice.

Osorio has already made statements to the effect that his defense against the accusations made against him will be done within the party and that, if necessary, he will go as far as Trife. "I will defend my partisan rights," he declared yesterday.

The senator who requested anonymity made us see that if they go to the extreme of expulsion, the MC could benefit. He would not go alone and Dante Delgado's party would remain as the third force in the Senate, he pointed out.


The appearance on the scene The Queen of Cash in Campeche -or the remastered version of René Bejarano with Layda Sansores as the protagonist- the opposition let it pass in the Senate.

He did not take advantage of the ordinary session to demonstrate in the stands that "we are not the same" is pure dizzying choro, to quote the classic.

In the room was the senator from Morena, Rocío Abreu, who appears in a video, along with Raúl Pozos, Secretary of the Interior; and Armando Toledo, head of Governor Sansores' office, receiving wads of bills.

Abreu did not go up to the rostrum, nor did she go out to give explanations to reporters from the source who were eagerly looking for her.

Just a mention in the gallery of the senator of the Plural Group, Emilio Alvarez Icaza, and the announcement by the PAN senator, Xóchitl Gálvez that she is going to Campeche to file a complaint against Layda and tell her not to be “cynical.”


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