Pakistan and Afghanistan cross accusations over border attacks | News

Pakistan called on the Afghan government in Kabul on Sunday to take “severe measures” against militants launching attacks from inside Afghan territory, a day after the Pakistani army killed six Afghans.


One person killed after Kabul mosque attack

In response, Afghan Government Spokesman and Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid urged Pakistan not to test Afghans’ patience on these issues, and not to repeat the same mistake, or face dire consequences.

Border tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan has increased since the Taliban took power last year, with Islamabad accusing armed groups of launching frequent attacks from Afghan soil.

The Afghan government confirmed that the Pakistani incursions targeted Pakistani refugee camps, and Afghan media reports said the shelling left at least 30 people dead and wounded in Khost, and six people were killed in Kunar (five children and one women).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Afghan government formed by the “Taliban” movement summoned the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul yesterday, and informed him of its protest against the raids.

The Foreign Minister of the Taliban government, Amir Khan Muttaki, stressed to the Pakistani ambassador the need to prevent all military violations, including those that took place in Khost and Kunar, warning that they exacerbate relations between the two countries and allow enemies to abuse of the situation, leading to undesirable consequences.

In turn, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) confirmed its grave concern over reports of civilian casualties, including women and children, as a result of air strikes in the Afghan provinces of Khost and Kunar.

The mission stated: “Civilians should never be targeted, and UNAMA is working on the investigation on the ground and verifying the extent of the losses.”

For its part, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry announced that it is investigating the reports of the raids and called on the Afghan authorities to strengthen border security and prevent the use of their territory as a launching pad for armed groups to launch attacks in the country. territory of Pakistan.

The border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan have long been a stronghold for armed groups such as the Pakistani Taliban, who occasionally launch cross-border attacks against targets in Pakistan (a movement that is not linked to the Afghan Taliban, but has the same mentality as ).