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'Castillo must reconsider who forms his closest environment': former Prime Minister of Peru

It has reached the point of not having been able to at least advance consensus…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 1, 20221 min read

Meta launches 3D avatars on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to compete with Snapchat's Bitmoji

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the updates in a post on his Facebook page. Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 1, 20224 min read

Floods in Haiti leave nearly 2,500 refugee families | News

About 2,500 families were displaced to temporary shelters and the same number of homes were…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 1, 20226 min read

WHO warns about the risks of medical waste due to the pandemic

The organism points out that waste can directly expose health workers, as well as affect…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 1, 20221 min read

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