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They denounce in Mexico the murder of a journalist in Sonora | News

Mexican media denounced on Thursday night the murder of journalist Jorge Camero Zazueta, director of…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 25, 20224 min read

Chivo Pets, first veterinary hospital built with Bitcoin profits

The Salvadoran president inaugurated the first public Veterinary Hospital in El Salvador and the region.

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 25, 20221 min read

Authorities seek to hear the voice of El Monte residents

The next public hearing will be March 1st. Photo: City of El Monte / Courtesy…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 25, 20223 min read

Argentina registers 79% of the population vaccinated against Covid-19 | News

The Argentine Ministry of Health reported this Thursday that 79 percent of the population completed…

ByByNathan RiveraFeb 25, 20225 min read

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